Creative Canada Policy Framework

Canada is recognized globally for its high-quality creative content and industries, which are an engine of economic growth and a competitive advantage.

Canada’s unique and diverse stories are sought out at home and around the world.

Canada’s public broadcaster is strong and Canadians are informed by trusted Canadian sources of local, national and international news.

Creative Canada is a new vision and approach to creative industries and to growing the creative economy by the Government of Canada. Our approach is about building on success. It’s about positioning Canada as a world leader in putting its creative industries at the centre of its future economy. We know that the economies of the future will rely on creativity and innovation to create jobs and foster growth. To be competitive in the world, we must invest now to create the conditions for success, to develop and keep our talent in both French and English here at home, and to make sure we have a robust domestic market for content on which our international success will depend.

Creative Canada charts the course for federal policy tools that support our creative industries. It strengthens our existing cultural policy tools, sets out a path to renew the ones that require updating, and introduces new initiatives that will help Canada’s creators and creative industries succeed in a global, digital marketplace. Our toolkit includes legislation, funding programs and policies. It also includes the work of the federal cultural Portfolio organizations – CBC/RadioCanada, Telefilm Canada, the National Film Board of Canada, the National Arts Centre, the Canada Council for the Arts, Library and Archives Canada, and each one of our national museums, which are important partners in achieving this vision.

Creative Canada affirms the core responsibilities of the Government to protect and promote Canadian culture and identity in a digital environment. It renews our commitment to the values that must underpin our approach: our commitment to linguistic duality, cultural diversity and a renewed relationship with Indigenous Peoples. As we move forward to implement Creative Canada, we will do so in a manner that is consistent with these values. More than ever before, our creators are ambassadors for our country. They are our inspiration at home, and reflect who we are to the rest of the world. Our new approach must continue to support a domestic space and market for Canadian content. Only by remaining strong in our approach at home will we succeed internationally. Only by playing to our strengths, by telling our stories, will we stand out in the global marketplace.

Creative Canada is built on three pillars

  1. Invest in our creators and cultural entrepreneurs — all of the professionals who contribute to the creation and production of work, from artists to writers, producers and directors — and their stories.
  2. Promote discovery and distribution of Canadian content at home and abroad.
  3. Strengthen public broadcasting and support local news.

This policy follows the largest and most transparent consultation process ever undertaken by the Department of Canadian Heritage. Thousands of Canadians took part online, in events in cities across the country, through social media, and in expert roundtable discussions. Hundreds submitted detailed policy proposals that have helped shape the thinking behind Creative Canada.

Creative Canada Policy Framework – PDF

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